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Located in Valley Center, California, from 2003-2009, our boarding & training facility served an average of 20 horse owners at any given time, with exceptional quality boarding with personalized care, rehabilitation, veterinary clinics and various educational clinics, sales, training, lay-ups, mare & foal care, and equine retirement.

Zoning for the property is A70-L, which by right (no permit required) allows an equine hospital or veterinary clinic, an unlimited number of occupant-owned horses and donkeys, 14 cows, 6 llamas or emus, ostriches, sheep, goats, hogs, alpacas, as well as 25 chickens, roosters, turkeys, and 25 peacocks. However, to board even ONE horse or to teach even one lesson, the County of San Diego currently requires a Major Use Permit at a cost of several hundred thousand dollars and extensive on-site and off-site "improvements", in our case including the (unsafe) paving of our riding trails and parking areas that we use for hand-walking the horses during rainy season.

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After we spent six years and over $150K processing the Major Use Permit, the County of San Diego raised our permit processing fees by 400% for no apparent reason, arbitrarily increasing our fees in the middle of the process. This fee increase forced us to abandon the permitting process and close our doors in 2009. We plan to re-open if the County of San Diego enacts their promised new tiered system of equine business permitting. Please read and sign our PETITION if you support the County of San Diego enacting a new equine zoning ordinance with reasonable permits for horse businesses:

Join the effort for an updated friendly equine zoning ordinance for San Diego County.
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