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Rosie's story - 5 year old Appendix mare, started under saddle very young with a large rider, early back problems translated to her feet. Four months of the barefoot specialist's trim and a product by MD's Choice called "Gluquestrian", the mare was sound. This mare is now 10 years old, healthy as can be, and still a 100% sound riding horse.


Nikolas' story - 13 year old Warmblood gelding, had been a dressage horse and a jumper, and a TMEC boarder was interested in him. During the Pre Purchase Vet Exam, x-rays discovered a bone spur on his front right heel, causing severe lameness. We had our barefoot specialist trim him to see what would happen, and over a six-month period of time this horse became 100% sound and his owner enjoys riding him daily.


Ahsha's story - 14 year old AQHA mare with advanced navicular disease in both front feet, living on Isoxeprene and bute for three years, her owners finally decided to give barefoot a try. After removing her high heeled shoes and having her first trim done, this mare was much happier. It was as if we could feel her relax for the first time in years. She lived in our 40' X 100' paddocks for five months, was sore after the first few trims, but slowly improved in her movement and showed signs of less and less pain. Ahsha is now living in northern California with a wonderful family, pain-free, 100% sound & barefoot. Her new owners found a barefoot specialist in their area through the website.

Loewy's story - 13 year old Dutch WB gelding, hunter/jumper/equitation medal show horse with two torn suspensories, wearing corrective shoes, under-run and extremely unbalanced hooves, long toes, Loewy was a very unhappy camper living on Bute when he came to us. Our barefoot specialist pulled his shoes and trimmed him, and this horse did not know what it was to feel his feet touch the ground, having worn shoes his entire adult life. He needed time to adjust. He would place his feet in his feeder, and look at his feet in bewilderment. It was quite odd to watch. After a few weeks he got used to being barefoot, but he was sore for several months. We perservered with the barefoot trim and healing protocol, and kept him moving for an hour each day. Our commitment to Loewy was one year of barefoot rehabilitation. Our trimmer got his feet larger and much more balanced over one years' time, and he became serviceably sound barefoot. After accupunture, chiropractic, and getting feedback from several of our mentors, we decided to put eggbar shoes on Loewy. The one year of barefoot trim correcting made all the difference for this horse, and he was no longer on Bute and very sound with the eggbars. The barefoot trim really helped Loewy. His feet expanded and became very well-balanced to support him, but those long sloping pasterns and old suspensory injuries from 12 years of jumping had taken their toll. 150% sound with eggbars, Loewy is ridden daily and he now has a wonderful life; Bute-free.

Decky's story - Yearling TB filly, grand-daughter of Affirmed, came to us in bad shape. She was severely malnourished and had a large bloated belly, mineral imbalances, under-run heels, long, overly-sloping pasterns, epiphycitis, and a dull coat. We put her on a daily diet of 18 lbs. Orchard hay, 6 lbs. Omelene 300 (16% protein), 1/8-cup Osteoform minerals, Strongid Daily wormer, antibiotics, and then probiotics. It has been very rewarding to facilitate the healing of this filly, and today Decky looks like the race horse prospect her pedigree says she is.

Charm's story - These pictures tell that it is possible for an old mare who had lived a life of service including harness & cart show competition, barrel racing champion, being ridden in parades and lessons, who had given birth to many foals, and who had arthritis, founder, and dental problems, to be brought back to excellent health.