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September 4, 2006

To Whom It May Concern,
As a property owner (10545 Circle R Drive, Valley Center, Ca.) adjoining Tapestry Meadows Equestrian Center, I am in favor of them being granted the proper permit to board horses on the subject property. I have personally toured their facility and must say the ownership there conducts the center in a very considerate and respectful manner that I feel is a unique asset to not only close neighbors but to the Valley Center community as well. The subject center adds to the rustic rural flavor of the area, as well as providing horse riding training for all age groups. To deprive Tapestry Meadows of the boarding permit would only deprive the community of these above-mentioned amenities reducing the area to one of common urban sprawl seen so much elsewhere. I strongly recommend we retain and build on this rustic unique flavor so many of us seek and not allow it to degenerate to the status of surrounding communities.

Concerned Resident, Larry Smith

November 1, 2006

To Whom It May Concern,
My name is Debra Ramseyer and I am writing to you in regards to my personal support of Sally Cobb and Tapestry Meadows Equestrian Center receiving a major use permit. My address is 30527 Andreen Road in Valley Center (south & downhill of TMEC.) There is a 2.5 acre property between Sally Cobb’s 10 acres and my 2.5 acres. Since Ms. Cobb purchased her property, I have found her to be considerate and accommodating to her neighbors. We first met when I was horseback riding past her property. Sally asked about the usage of this trail along the east and south edge of her land, which I knew many riders used to avoid riding along the street and to connect to other trails. When she installed a chain link perimeter fence, she left about 10 feet of riding trail open and has maintained it since. During the torrential rains in fall/winter 2004 which caused runoff and flooding, Sally dug trenches and put in a ditch to prevent water runoff from her property.

Ms. Cobb has hosted an almost yearly open house for all the neighbors to see the improvements to her property and to get to know her as well. She also has held an Equine Information Day for horse enthusiasts and offers horse health clinics to her boarders and local neighbors. I have attended many events at Tapestry Meadows and found them to be welcoming, educational, and fun!

One very important aspect of TMEC is the first rate care and facilities, which Sally Cobb offers her boarders. The horses in her charge receive the best feed, daily care, & cleanliness that I have witnessed at a boarding stable. I say this with 34 years experience as a horse owner. Sally sets a high standard. Corrals & paddocks are not only cleaned daily but manure is removed weekly before fly eggs have time to hatch.

When I purchased my property in July of 1996, there were no horses kept on Andreen Road. I was at that time surprised at the large number of flies around. I thought it was either the 40 acres of citrus trees that had rotting fruit on the ground or the poultry and livestock on neighboring Spearhead trail.

In the summer of 2004, Sally offered me the opportunity to be the Youth Riding Camp Director at her facility. Tapestry Meadows offered a valuable service to the community; enriching the lives of children while instructing them in safety guidelines around horses, care & keeping as well as riding. Ms. Cobb’s goal was to ensure safety of the students while fostering their love and appreciation of horses. I have also given private lessons at TMEC, which offered an important recreational experience for adults who wanted to improve their riding skills. I found Sally Cobb to be flexible, clear in her expectations, having excellent record keeping, and open to discussing any issues pertaining to the students or horses.

We moved to Valley Center for the country atmosphere and looked for a property zoned for horses. Having grown up in Poway, I know there are few areas of San Diego County left to live the rural lifestyle. I hope Valley Center will remain true to its country roots. I find TMEC to enhance the neighborhood with its well maintained appearance as well as being an asset for the service it offers to those not fortunate enough to be able to keep horses at their homes. There is no question in my mind that Sally Cobb should be granted a major use permit as her sensitivity and regard for the neighbors and community is consistent and appropriate to the needs of Valley Center.

Thank you for your time and attention,
Debra Lorenzen

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

To Whom It May Concern,
I am writing you to voice my concern and to express my dismay that the beautiful and well-maintained Tapestry Meadows Equestrian Center, very shortly may not have a future. Costs and fees to obtain a Major Use Permit (MUP) at this point have increased to 10 times the initial cost estimate 6 years ago ($8,660.00 to $94,000.00 is a 1,000% increase). The processes to obtain an MUP are complex and extensive. Sally Cobb and her family (the property owners) were initially told in a pre-application meeting, by a county employee (Bob Forsythe) who “researched” the property, that this MUP would be an uncomplicated project and a “simple permit to process”. With that reassurance from a “professional”, Sally began to move forward with the MUP process. She has complied with all of the county requirements during the past 6 years, paying all required fees, making the required changes, hiring engineers to provide the CEQA studies and reports (traffic, landscape, hydrology, noise, air quality, major storm water management plan, grading plan, aerial photographs and elevations, manure management plan, vector control plan, phase 1 site assessment, revised septic system design, site plans, hundreds of engineered drawings, and a project description to board a mere 30 horses on her family’s A70-L zoned 10 acre property. Each time another department or individual looks at the application they add yet another requirement with yet another fee or roadblock. If the process began 6 years ago with a pre application meeting, there should have been disclosure on all the fees and the entire process at that time. The County should not have the option to continuously raise the fees and requirements (including paving this horse ranch) during the progression of the application. The entire process to obtain this permit resembles an Internet phishing scam, stringing the public along while all the while demanding more money. How much longer can it be drawn out to raise the fees ever higher? And is there any guarantee that TMEC will ever be granted their MUP after paying these exorbitant costs? Sun Ranch in Bonsall, a property with the same zoning as TMEC, was granted a Variance in 1996 by DPLU instead of being forced to acquire an MUP with CEQA studies for their 80 horses on 7 acres. Why not grant TMEC a Variance for 30 horses on 10 acres? Sally’s family has already spent over $100,000.00 processing the MUP for TMEC.

Our family has lived in Valley Center since 1985 and my daughter has enjoyed riding horses and taking lessons at Tapestry Meadows. We do not want to see them close their doors simply because the MUP process bankrupts them! This property is kept extremely clean and well maintained; the facility is managed keeping the safety and well being of both horse and rider in mind. My husband and I are taxpaying, voting citizens. We do not want this facility to close and we are requesting that you work to find a way to ensure this family-friendly business remains part of our community.

Teresa McKeown

November 9, 2009

To Whom It May Concern,
I am writing this letter in praise and appreciation for the property now known as Tapestry Meadows Equestrian Center (TMEC) located at 30673 Andreen in Valley Center and owned by Sally Cobb. As a past resident of Spearhead Trail from 1998 to 2008 located to the southeast of TMEC, I personally witnessed from my back porch and adjacent 2.5 acres the transformation from dying orange grove and house to the beautiful horse boarding and training facility that it is today. Sally Cobb and her team should be commended for such an asset to Valley Center.

When Sally first purchased the property in 2002, she was an immediate friend and gracious neighbor. She welcomed visitors and gladly shared her enthusiasm and plans for the property. Her smile and positive attitude were infectious and we looked forward to watching the creation of TMEC.

As the transformation took place over time, Sally was always very considerate of her neighbors. Work only took place during “normal business hours”, noise was kept to the bare minimum, the area was watered regularly to keep down construction dust and tree removal dirt, and no construction vehicles ever obstructed the roads. Everyone that took part in the construction of the facility was friendly and pleasant, even quick to share a neighborly chat as we drove or rode horses by the property.

As Sally took on boarders and trainees, she continued her caring ways for her neighbors as well as those using TMEC. The corrals were cleaned daily, manure was removed weekly, we could set the clock watching her crew feed the horses both a.m. and p.m., the stalls and corrals were watered often to prevent dust and the surrounding property and plants were constantly cared for. It was nice to know that with the amount of horses and people that used the facility, I seldom heard any noise from the arenas or corrals. We thoroughly enjoyed sitting on our back porch and watching the activities in the arena or a horse trotting around the exercise pen. If Sally held an “open house” or any horse event, she also invited the neighbors to attend.

Before Sally purchased the property, we often rode through the orange grove as part of our regular riding trail. When Sally had the perimeter fence installed, many of the horse neighbors were pleasantly surprised to discover that she was leaving a gracious riding trail of 9-10 feet along the east and south side fences of her property so that we could continue to enjoy this particular ride. As we rode the trail provided by Sally, it was easy and fun to stop and chat with her and her team or those using the arena or facilities. Sally always maintained this trail and had it cleaned and groomed when needed for the safety and beauty of the riders and neighbors.

Although my letter is to commend Sally and TMEC for such a wonderful facility, I must also comment on one neighbor that does not share our enthusiasm, Lloyd Dodman. Lloyd lives directly behind the ranch I owned, sharing a common fence. Lloyd’s property was in a state of disrepair and disgust. The grape vines were dead, there were numerous broken down and rusting vehicles lining the adjacent fence including jet skis, trucks, trailers, cars, a bus and motor home. The barn/outbuildings were falling down and he did not seem to care. Lloyd was decent enough when seen, but was not friendly. Lloyd got married and began a home remodel. He was not as gracious during his construction. He took no precautions for noise or dust. He waved or nodded his head as we rode by on the easement trail created by Sally. He knew this was her property as we spoke once or twice about keeping it clear of his broken down vehicles. We had to ask him to move them back several feet so that our path was clear and we would not have to ride on his driveway to go around the vehicles. His plan was to construct a retaining wall at his property line along his driveway which would leave Sally’s riding easement elevated and accessible to the riders and keep them off his driveway. I do not know if this was completed.

Tapestry Meadows Equestrian Center is a friendly, professional and beautiful horse facility and is a lovely addition and asset to the Valley Center community and to the neighborhood of Andreen and Spearhead Trail. It is a pleasure to know Sally Cobb. It is my sincerest wish that she be granted her necessary permits to continue operating TMEC.

Sincerely, Keri MacBeth (formerly Salmon)

August 9, 2006

To Whom It May Concern,
Tapestry Meadows Equestrian Center recently filed a major use permit application for their facility located in Valley Center. My husband and I strongly feel that this facility is an integral part of the community and therefore deserves the privilege of this permit.

Tapestry Meadows is a well-run, impeccably clean facility. It adds value to the community, by being a great resource for the numerous horse owners in this area of Valley Center. Tapestry Meadows offers valuable riding lessons for children and adults as well as training for horses.

Our property is located at 30695 Lilac Hills Lane, directly connected to Spearhead Trail, which is where Tapestry Meadows Equestrian Center (TMEC) is located. Since we moved to our home in Valley Center, TMEC has not generated any excessive noise, dust, or odors. We feel that TMEC has great business practices. Flies are a fact of life in Valley Center, due to our many avocado and orange groves and numerous livestock throughout the community. We do not feel that TMEC is causing a fly problem.

In conclusion, we feel that TMEC is indeed a very important part of the Valley Center community. We would like to see this business flourish so that this neighborhood and the whole Valley Center community can have the opportunity to use this valuable resource. Thank you for taking the time to listen to our feelings on this matter.

Donna Witchell

October 6, 2009

To Whom It May Concern,
My name is Jim English. My wife, Ginny, and I own 5 acres east (downwind) of Sally Cobb’s property where we hope to build a house when the recession is over. We have a small plant nursery growing Cannas. Our common property line is almost 700’ long. I have had plenty of time while working in my flower field to observe Mrs. Cobb’s horse facility and some of the things I, (being a non-horse person), have noticed are:

1. No flies.
2. No objectionable noise.
3. No rowdy people.
4. 7 AM and 7 PM feeding and cleaning paddocks every day!
5. Larger than average horse corrals.
6. Continuing and constant facility maintenance going on.
7. Watering for dust control.
8. Happy horse owners visiting their ‘babies’.
9. Dedicated perimeter horse path.

Besides all this, it is nice to have a 10 acre fire break on my property line instead of the old ‘organic’ diseased citrus grove which Sally Cobb removed. It spread disease to my property (glossy winged sharp shooters, thrips, giant whitefly, spider mites, etc.) and I was being tagged by the Agricultural Department for diseases from that grove. Since the horses are there, I no longer have these problems.

In conclusion, I see no reason Sally Cobb should not be allowed to operate a horse facility at this location as in our area there are (by a recent head count) almost 300 horses anyway. Valley Center is changing. We are now at the beginning of the end. Groves are being allowed to die off, the population is increasing (whether we like it or not) and a horse facility on this side of our city would be in keeping with present and future land use of the area.

I hope you consider her case favorably and allow this small business to prosper.

Thank you,
Jim English

September 16, 2009

To Whom It May Concern,
I am writing a letter in support of Tapestry Meadows Equestrian Center located off of I-15 in Valley Center, CA under management by Sally Cobb.

It is my understanding that this establishment has been trying to get a permit to board horses and that they have come under a number of ridiculous code requirements and outrageous fees!

The number of required studies and reports are way "over the top!" This is not right! Is there no end in sight for TMEC?

Your process discourages anyone from being in business for themselves! What happened to the "American Dream?"

Certainly not encouraged, nor are you allowing it to be feasible in this case!

Hope Trompeter-Guzman

Sept.15, 2009

To Whom It May Concern,
Sally Cobb of Tapestry Meadows has been my neighbor for over 5 years. In that time I have always been impressed with the clean and tidy way that she maintained her property as well as the quiet and peacefulness one felt when visiting there.

The nursery across the road from her on the other hand, is noisy, dirty, and an eyesore that in my opinion lowers the neighborhood property values.

She has had to accomplish so many requirements for the county in an attempt to do things correctly and has been met with ever changing and increasingly costly requirements that seem to me completely unwarranted.

She has kept her property so nice compared to the neighborhood and continues to do so and I feel that she should be granted a variance so that she can continue to keep her friend's horses on her place and have a beautifully maintained place to help to keep the property values up.

Thank you,
Jane Rockenmacher

September 18, 2009

To Whom It May Concern,
Hi my name is Richard Voth and I have lived in Valley Center at 30727 Lilac Hills Lane as a neighbor of Sally Cobb’s for the past seven years. My daughter, Lindsey, has been using the facility at TMEC for the past six years. She has had ongoing lessons as well as helped with the kid’s camp at TMEC during the summer but mostly just had a lot of fun.

As a neighbor I love seeing the ranch as part of our community. It gives us a good country feel. As any concerns that some people may have including flies, dust, odor or any noise I just don’t see any problem at all. Sally does a great job at keeping these things under control.

I think the ranch contributes so much to the community of Valley Center. It’s a professionally controlled ranch in a clean and safe environment where our kids can learn to ride and enjoy being outdoors. After all that’s why most of us live in Valley Center.

If we didn’t have a facility like this one, we would be riding on the streets and that is just not safe for any of us. We all love Sally and enjoy having her as our neighbor.

Richard Voth

September 15, 2009

To Whom It May Concern,
I am writing to express to you a deep concern my family and I have about a very important matter to our community and surrounding communities. Tapestry Meadows Equestrian Center, of Valley Center California, an outstanding horse boarding facility, is in jeopardy of going out of business due to the county difficulties and exorbitant fees for obtaining a major use permit (MUP). This stable is across from our property and is of great value to our area. People that own horses and live in surrounding cities need a good resource for keeping their horse. Tapestry Meadows provides a professional, clean kept and safe facility for horses that in turn provides peace of mind and enjoyment for their owners. TMEC is located along a regular commute thus cutting down traffic to alternate facilities in areas that don’t need more traffic. There are no other horse boarding facilities facilitating this area. Don’t we all need more peace of mind and enjoyment, won’t we all benefit from happier citizens? The county is making this MUP process way too complicated and incorporating beyond-reasonable fees.

Our family, along with our 4 horses, dogs, cats, chickens, and goats moved to ten acres in Valley Center in 1989. Before then, in Encinitas we had a small horse facility in which we ran an educational program that we wanted to expand in Valley Center, “the country”. We soon found that it would be way too costly and time consuming to continue our intensions, and I guess we were correct. We are taxpaying, voting citizens, and should have the right to enjoy operating a business on our property without unreasonable fees and requirements. We know that the owner of TMEC, Sally Cobb and her family, have complied with all of the county’s requirements, paying all required fees, and making the extensive required improvements. We hope that you will use your powers and work to ensure that TMEC will be able to continue to provide excellent services and community enjoyment.

Steve and Shari Matteson

To Whom It May Concern,
I am writing in regards to the Major Use Permit for Tapestry Meadows Equestrian Center. The owner, Sally Cobb, has already spent over $100,000 trying to obtain this permit. You have made her jump through hoops only to come up with even more hoops.

One of your latest demands that she pave the farm is ridiculous beyond belief! Have any of you ever seen a horse who has gotten loose and fallen on pavement? Not a pretty sight when they get up and their hide is still on the pavement.

And all of this because why? A few neighbors who want to live in the country but can’t stand dust or flies or God forbid if a horse knickers or a chicken crows early in the morning.

Maybe you all need to listen to the Joni Mitchell song again called “Big Yellow Taxi”…”they Paved Paradise and put up a parking lot”….

Isn’t Valley Center known for being horse friendly? Then why are there no “legal” horse boarding facilities in this town? Is it your intention to choke off a small business owner?

In these economic times you should be helping your constituents. Valley Center needs small businesses and horse boarding facilities. I live on Spearhead Trail as a neighbor of this facility and don’t want to see Tapestry Meadows closed down.

Susan Bump


I have had my Arabian gelding for 8 years and he has always gotten hock sores. I noticed that they would become especially bad in summer. I had tried in the past to put shavings in his corral, but daily cleaning would remove most of the material within a week or two, and the way he walked around his pen drove the shavings to the outside edges and to the corners. I moved to Tapestry Meadows this spring and noticed that he did not get hock sores this year; in fact his hock sores healed! I am convinced they healed because of the pile of shavings (about 8" high and 12' across) that Tapestry Meadows maintains in the center of his corral. This is the place he chooses to roll and because he no longer grinds his hocks on the bare dirt every time he rises, he no longer has hock sores. Thank you Tapestry Meadows! - Linda Smith and Carrington

"TMEC has given us such pleasure over the years like no other equestrian center. Your professionalism and equine expertise is priceless and rare to find. Your lifelong experience with horses offers guidance from a horse's birth to death, wherever we found ourselves in that cycle. If there is anybody we can trust with our horses' best interests in mind, it's no one else but you. I have been riding for over 20 years now in several different countries and TMEC truly is the most well maintained and cleanest equestrian center in a most beautiful natural setting. Tapestry Meadows will always be unique and irreplaceable to us." - Gabriella Gagliani & Bryan Forkas

"My mom and I agree that of all the lovely barns we have been to, you had the most beautiful, both in setting and horses, but also in ambiance. Your team is the most genuine and down to earth we've met, and we walked away happy we'd come, even though I wasn't right for the sale horse." - Jennifer Opean

"Your place is AWESOME! You should be very very proud of what you have done and how well you take care of your facility and all of your boarders. It is obvious that you and your team work hard to make a lovely environment for horses and their owners..." - Michelle Hammer

"We really like the footing in the arena! Rocky's feet look the best I've ever seen them, too (thanks to Hoof Specialist, Marci Lambert). It's such a pleasure to ride at Tapestry Meadows; you take great care of the place and the horses. Thanks for all the advice and information and especially for the great care you give Rocky...." - Carol Gamble

"We cannot say enough how pleased we are with Fiona, and also her treatment while at Tapestry Meadows.We know for certain where we will be going if we ever need to put another horse into training." - Corrine Siegel

"Thank you for helping me with a mare that was never supposed to be sound again. With careful monitoring and your program guidance, care and encouragement, she was able to complete the AHS Mare Performance Test AND repeatedly free-jump through the chute to 3'6" with ZERO residual effects. She is now in the lesson program, and if for any reason there is a problem, you are on-site to make a decision before she goes off." - Erica Ryan

"I sure appreciate your place. The first place I went to look at, the horses were in 10 x 10 mudholes. They honestly barely had enough room to turn around. The second place was a little better, but they still had the horses in 12 x 14 stalls. Just standing in their tiny pens must be so boring." - Teri Williams

"Thanks again... I cannot tell you how much your support means, and I am most appreciative.  I also want to mention Steve.  We will really miss him.  Steve has always been so conscientious and caring when he was handling Badacz, and his continued interest in B's recovery is the kind of genuine concern that touches my heart.  So Steve, you're one of the best things about TMEC, and we appreciate you!  I cannot thank either of you enough for taking care of my horse as though we were family."  - Debra Neilsen

"I've always known that my horse has had the best of care at TMEC.  You've been wonderful in our times of need.  I owe you so much for your keen observation and attentiveness during his serious post-op illness, which is only one example of how dedicated you are to the well-being of all the horses at TMEC." - Debra Neilsen

"Thank you for all your help & support with the horses, Jasper and Dan.  They are doing beautifully here, love the green acres to graze, and they are making friends with the other horses & donkeys.  You helped make the transition so much easier and we really appreciate you!"  -  Ron & Linda Alinson

"You've been great and we thank you for everything from the bottom of our hearts.  Hopefully I can call on you with your expertise now that our horses are at our home.  You've created your stables with such excellence, and we appreciate your standards of care for the horses." - Suzie Fledderjohn

"Just wanted to say thank you for having such a wonderful ranch to ride and train our horses.  I sat on the bank of your property eating an orange from one of your trees while Dakota was getting his shoes on.  Looking at the valley surrounding your ranch, I thought how lucky I was to be there.  I hope Tapestry and you will be around for a very long time."  - Dolly Anderson

"It looks like our escrow will close by June 6th on our ranch in Ramona.  Thanks for all your care and help with Jackson.  TMEC is just wonderful and we will miss all the great people and horses there!"  - Katie Powell

“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all your hard work, dedication, knowledge, and assistance with my young horse and I. From helping me with his nutrition, finding a paddock mate for him, to connecting me with a hoof specialist and a trainer, you have always been there for us. TMEC is without a doubt one of the finest facilities in all of San Diego County.” - Mary Bismuti

“In my 30 years of boarding, I have never boarded at a facility where so much attention to detail is the norm. I want to thank you and Steve for being so attentive to Banker's needs. I am so appreciative of both of you.” – Kay Smith

“Tapestry Meadows is an equestrian center that provides valuable services, and sets a positive example of being responsible and considerate. TMEC has raised the standards and the awareness of animal care & safety, and enhancing the community of Valley Center.” – Susan Stoltz

“As an older adult, I rediscovered the enjoyment and discipline that riding horses brings to me. I have ridden once or twice per week for over six years, and I consider it an important part of my life. I commute from Scripps Ranch on the 15 North freeway. By the time I make the turn-off to TMEC, I have gradually left my workday behind, and I can unwind with my horse-time. After phones and patients all day, the peace and quiet of TMEC is a welcome relief. This equestrian center is so well-kept, it is great for the horses and the humans who work, play, and care for them.” – Sandy Tilden

“As one of the property owners adjoining Tapestry Meadows Equestrian Center, I have personally toured the facility. Management conducts the center in a very considerate and respectful manner. I feel TMEC is a unique asset, not only to close neighbors but to the Valley Center community at large.” - Larry Smith

"I want to thank you for the care that you provided to Jasper over the two years we boarded him at your beautiful facility. No other boarding facility has shown the level of care (and love) that you continue to show for our equine friends. Thank you so much." - Frank Furgiuelle

" Over the years, I've boarded at a number of facilities throughout the area, and also have cared for my horses at home. I know it's not easy making sure that every horse gets proper care and attention each and every day, yet you do so with flying colors. I thoroughly respect and admire the individualized approach you take with our beloved companions." - Debra Neilsen

"I would like to say how happy we have all been at Tapestry, and the horses look fantastic. If you ever need a letter of recommendation for future boarders, please do not hesitate to put my name forward." - Suzanne Truelove

"There are few people in this business like you that truly care about horse and rider! We are both in this for the right reasons and I know I can trust you." - Jill Holt

"I really, really, really love boarding our horses at TMEC. They are so content, well-fed, and well-cared for there. I couldn't have found a more perfect place for my two mares, and have been pleasantly surprised by all the great things that I've encountered. The ranch is always meticulously maintained and improvements to the grounds are steadily implemented." - Lois & John Wheeler

"The ranch is lovely. It is safe, and the best part is that the managers really care about everyone's welfare, taking the time, money and energy to create the best environment for both the horses and their owners. My husband LOVES Tapestry and that is a high compliment because he has been to many barns, including those in Europe, Rancho Santa Fe, and Colorado. It is truly a spectacular setting. The best part is the positive energy--it's contagious." - Sonya Luna

"I love the stall mats & ground feeders, shavings, that the waterers are cleaned weekly, and that the arena is beautiful and the upkeep is incredible. I love the warm-water washracks and the cross-ties with rubber mats, the turn-outs, the perimeter fencing, the message board and sign-up board for turn-outs or special care. I also love the fact that there are riding trails right outside the ranch!" - Kathy Schwartz

"I appreciate that young children do not run wild at TMEC. It is much more relaxing to have adults in the majority!" - Debra Ramseyer

"Tapestry Meadows in my opinion is one of the best boarding and training facilities in North San Diego County. The level of personal care far exceeds any that I have known...the quality of hay, personal attention to detail, the facility, the cleanliness, is above all that I have ever personally experienced... I have recommended Tapestry Meadows to many of my clients..." - Jessica Lynn

"From the first day I visited Tapestry Meadows Equestrian Center, I felt welcomed and completely at home. It is a beautiful facility, thoughtfully designed, surrounded by groves and views of mountains and valleys from the large riding arena. Most importantly, the horses at Tapestry Meadows are wonderfully cared for, and come to greet everyone with the bright and kind look of horses that are loved." - Beth Wallace

"When I met you that first night and you showed me the arena (which had lights, nice white fencing, and jumps with little flower boxes) I knew I'd found a really neat place that was probably going to be just perfect. And it has been. I have not been disappointed." - Meagan Phillips

"You have created the perfect home for our horses. Your love for horses and skillful care has been a great help to us. Thank you for being so caring and organized." - Vic & Donna Kovner

"I know you take good care of the horses and I as well as everyone I've spoken to really appreciates it." - Erika Shaw